*Mont Saint Michel*

ZARA grey hood coat
UNIQLO cobalt jeggings 
BALENCIAGA giant city bag 
THE KOOPLES bear sweater 

As I mentioned in my previous article, I am in France right now and we decided with the family to go on a road trip, the first stop was Le Mont Saint Michel (north west of France), a historical place I always wanted to visit (more info)
Even though it was freezing,  we really enjoyed our journey. We arrived early afternoon, had lunch at the famous restaurant "La Mere Poulard", their omelet is just fabulous, so fluffy, tasty and fresh, the service, ambiance, view of the restaurant was fabulous, what impressed me the most is the lady that you see in the picture making music when she whip the egg, that is just crazy awesome, no wonder they are so famous !
Then we went to visit the Abbey, walked around, it was very pretty,  I will be posting more pictures on facebook to share the experience I had.