*Saint Malo*

Dessert number 1 : Citron-comme une tarte meringuée
(fresh lemon meringue tart with a passion fruit ice cream)

Dessert number 2:  La route du rhum
(fresh vanilla cannoli, with rhum diced pineapple, pineapple ice cream) 

Dessert number 3 and the winner : Lychee-Vanille
(Lychee coulis, vanilla mousse, fresh lychee ice cream)

We had a fantastic meal at the restaurant "Le saint placide" in Saint Malo, it was just a fabulous experience, from the service, ambiance, to the food, everything was perfect. I wanted to write about it because if you happen to go to Saint Malo this is a restaurant you must go. 
It has a relatively small menu, and it changes according to the season, all I can say is that everything we ordered was excellent ! If you have a chance to go their, just go with a free mind, hungry and enjoy each minute ! 

Here is their website : Le saint placide