Summer accessory with Mooncats

Get the look: Moon cats Shawl~ Zara dress (List below of 5 white dresses) ~ Aldo shoes (Similar)

Bonjour Beauties, so today's topic is about one of my essential accessory for summer. Even though it's hot during the day, morning/night can be a little chilly and when you are wearing minimalist clothes it's a little annoying to have goose bumps all over so I have been using scarves, not only it keeps you warm but it's easy just to store it in your bag and it actually adds a little elegant touch. I like scarves over a light cardigan because it's flexible, in America, air condition is blasting everywhere so I love to just cover my legs with it so it keeps me warm. I love these Mooncats shawl, so cozy, and the colors are fab, they also offer lighter material shawl so go check it out and I have a promo code for you APARISIANINAMERICA20 that will give you 20% on all the website, cool right ?

Also here is a list of summer white dresses for you:

Ciao for now and have a beautiful day!