Keeping it timeless with Rachael Ryen

Get the lookAritzia Wilfred dress ~ Rachael Ryen necklace ~ BCBG mesh clutch ~ Stuart Weitzman heels ~ 

Bonjour, hope everyone is doing amazing. Summer is approaching, actually feels like summer in Florida already ;) and I am starting to switch to more delicate quality jewelry, and Rachael Ryen offers just that, this is her motto "I've always loved jewelry. Delicate, dainty everyday pieces that you can layer without getting lost in. The look has to be timeless." All her jewelry are made with love and passion and you can feel it through her piece.
A little note on the side, as I am growing and finding my style, one thing I would like to adopt for sure is buying pieces that are timeless and not get carried away because it's trendy or good price, so if you feel similar and want to start somewhere check out her amazing collection, and get your accessories ready for coming season ;)

With Love,