My top 10 Skin & Hair Product

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Hello beauties, I have been wanting to write this article forever and it's finally happening. Let me first share with you my love for Walgreens & CVS for those who don't know it's a pharmacy in a convenient store and it has a huge selection of beauty products ;) I always end up buying something new to test and luckily bought things that I have been very satisfied with. I will briefly describe it, it's working on my skin knowing that I have very sensitive skin.

1 Neutrogena Healthy defense daily moisturizer  Living in Florida, it's mandatory for me to protect my skin and this cream does the job perfectly

2 Neutrogena Fresh foaming cleanser  I love this cleanser, it removes the make up that I may have forgotten, and skin feels fresh.

3 Neutrogena alcohol free toner  So I introduce a toner in my beauty routine and it changed my skin, I feel stupid for not giving it a chance for all this years and assuming I did not needed it, but we all need a toner in our lives and I will highly suggest this one.

4 St Ives blemish control abricot scrub  Here is another stupid move from me for not giving a chance to this product but hey it's never too late, this product is so popular and I know exactly why it's just the best face scrubber ever.

5 St Ives Body lotion  & 6 Jergens shea butter Those 2 creams have been my favorite so far, I shave as you read in my previous beauty article and you know sometimes you can get those nasty bumps or little irritation but since I have been using these 2 creams my skin is so smooth, and it smells amazing too, I alternate every week between these 2 cream and I suggest you give it a try.

7 Jergens shea oil Similar story, this is an amazing moisturizer, sometimes I like the little shiny look on my leg and arm, especially right after I tan and this is my go to oil now, I simple love it !

8 Jason Smoothing coconut body wash I will be honest the smell is ok, and this soap barely foam but I love it, it leaves my skin amazing, doesn't contain all crazy ingredient you find in other body wash. If you try this brand, remember get the coconut one, the other fragrance are even worst and does not do a wonderful job on the skin

9 Giovanni frizz be gone  I live in a humid place and without this product my hair would look terrible, I have been using it for maybe a year now and I love it, it's not harsh on the hair, smells great, and I ll be honest my hair does frizz a little but I don't mind because I don't want to use products with a lot of chemicals for my hair.

10 Giovanni Shine away spray This is the perfect finish after I blow dry my hair, it leaves it shiny and silky and it looks great on my dark hair!

So I tried a lot of organic products that were quiet expensive and honestly I wasn't crazy about it so I am happy that I finally found products that works with an affordable price, and they are still very skin friendly so no complain.

Comment below if you want me to share something in particular with you, I will be more than happy to do so if it's possible.