Coming to America

My journey began about 5 years ago when I officially left France to join my husband in Mumbai, India where he was working at the time and after a year filled with amazing experiences, moved to USA. 

First 2 years involved a lot of travelings for me, I had to leave the country every 3 months since I am French citizen, and I was accompanying my husband during his business travels, it was kind of sabbatical 2 years :) in between then and now, I got my green card, just applied for citizenship and started my own business of blogging/consulting and my jewelry brand. And I wanted to share with you the top 10 reasons why I love this country, ready ? let's go....

1 Friendliness, people smile here, something that is more pleasant to see than a moody face, most of them wish you "Have a nice day" and they meant, good positive attitude overall! 

2 Customer Service, Oh god, I am so spoiled here, I mean I can return a gallon of milk just because I don't need it anymore, it changes from the service I am used to in Paris, that's for sure!

3 Space, everything is big and spacious, and I don't mind that especially when it comes to park my car! 

4 Safety, I feel very safe here (Orlando), I mean I see cops patrolling everywhere, if you have a night out they are outside making sure everyone is safe. I know that if something happens to me on the street, someone will help, and that is good to know.  

5 Drive Through everything, like forget fast food.....Bank....Pharmacy....yupp ;)

6 Road Trips. Ah love road trips, love gas station goodies, long straight roads....

7 Entertainment. I am a huge fan of theme parks and this country is filled with them, there is so many things to do, you can never be bored!

8 Hollywood movies and TV shows. Like Games of Thrones...HBO.....House of Cards... you know what I am talking about right ? 

9 How much American's love other people's accent. This is something so cute, like I already win a point just because I have an accent, love it :))) 

10 24/7 Restaurant and thing ever, feel like some Hagen Dazs mint choco ice cream at 11pm? no problem, you can even just go in your Pajamas

And I have the perfect little entourage, husband, loving parents-sister in law & amazing friends that makes my American journey even greater !!