LILA Fashion x A Parisian in America

Bonjour my Beauties, I am back from my Europe trip with this amazing collaboration with LILA Fashion International, an online store that offers you an electric mix of items sourced from around the globe that is stylish and affordable.

In this picture I am featuring this amazing cobalt blue bag from VICE VERSA, a Greek designer. The quality of this bag is impressive, it's handmade in Greece and the price is even more impressive as it's $85. Totally worth every penny. You can wear this bag in cross body as well, it has a cobalt strap that you can hook.

And my most favorite item, these sandals from LOVE FROM CYPRUS. Aren't they super cool? They are handmade on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean inspired by the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. I ordered size 38 which is my size and it fits perfectly. Very comfy and very affordable :) You are going to see these a lot on my feet so be ready!

They carry a lot of items like these so make sure to check out LILA Fashion International and guess what, the brand is offering you guys a 10% discount for any purchase with PARISIAN10 coupon code so enjoy it.


Handbag: LILA Fashion

Sandals: LILA Fashion

Shirt: Zara