Bonjour my Beauties, I am so excited to share with you this collaboration with IndiaBoulevard, I am sure you can notice it through the pictures!

So let me tell you more about it, IndiaBoulevard is an online platform that allows you to create your own custom Indian or non Indian outfit in 3 easy steps: design, develop & deliver. Read more about it here

Now let me share with you my personal experience. When I was asked what custom outfit I would like to make I immediately thought about the pink flowy skirt Taylor Swift's was wearing during the Grammys. So I sent the IndiaBoulevard stylist a picture who by the way was so sweet, understanding, knowledgeable about fashion and next thing I know is this magnificent skirt waiting to be worn at my door step...ok in between there was also me giving her my measurement so it fit just right but that's it. 3 steps told you! I mean the pictures don't lie, this skirt is perfection, even better than what I had in mind. This is why I was so excited to share this experience with you. 

For all my Indian beauties, you must know the pain when it comes to purchasing a traditional outfit online or even in person so honestly going through that is not worth it when you have an amazing platform like IndiaBoulevard to make your outfit dreams come true and on top it with reasonable prices.

So ladies, if you love this skirt and want it in your wardrobe you know the next thing to do, head to IndiaBoulevard and place your order or make you own custom one :) 


Perfecto: All Saints

Heels: Saks Off 5th

Choker: Forever 21

Bracelet: Emma & Chloe

Location of the shoot: Millenia Mall, Orlando