Summer Nights

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing. Here is an inspiration for you on how to layer during summer with Indelust. If you are new, read more about them here => Sustainable Fashion with Indelust. I love their concept so be ready for lots of article featuring the brand.

So now let me describe my look, I love wearing layers even during summer and the reason is simple, well first it adds a unique touch but mainly here in US, any indoor place have an issue with air condition, they blast you with this freezing air and when you wearing shorts and cami, well you don't enjoy the experience because your busy making yourself feel warm with anything you can find, in my case it would be the table napkin!

So I always use summer scarf as my go to accessory to add a different touch to a plain top, use it when I am cold, and as I am writing I just found another reason...rain...Orlando beauties, you feel me on that one don't you ? so since we have Tropical weather here, it just starts to rain all the sudden and you don't want to ruin your hair right? so use a scarf to protect it :)

The scarf I am wearing is so comfy, soft, and the perfect size, they have different shades so make sure to check it out.


Scarf: Indelust

Jacket: Bershka

Cami: H&M

Shorts: American Eagle

Sunglasses: American Eagle