Le Teint PARTICULIER by Lancôme

A girl's dream come true... at least mine....

Kristyl used the Glow subtil as a highlight 

And clearly I approve :)

Bonjour my Beauties, yesterday I had the pleasure of having a personal experience with Lancôme team, Kristyl and Anna, who by the way were super sweet, trying their latest technology in terms of foundation called "Le Teint PARTICULIER"

Let me tell you more about it, it's basically a custom made foundation made just for your skin in front of your eyes. I added all the pictures in order from the beginning to the end of my experience. Here are the different steps I went through:

1 The beautiful Kristyl removed my foundation to have a clean skin, then asked me if I had a skin tone preference on my face but mine is pretty even and then she scanned my skin in 3 different places (forehead, cheek and neck) in order to receive date for my facial skin tone. 

2 Once the data is received, she asked me how was skin (oily, normal or dry) and if I wanted light, medium or full coverage from the foundation, I picked full so I can hide some of my million freckles I have on my face :)

3 She entered the information and here we go, this amazing device started making my fresh custom foundation, it was so cool to watch the different pigment added, I was like a little kid watching the process as you can see on the picture above and then once the pigments and base were added, she put the container in a shaker to even the foundation.

4 Once ready, she prepped my skin with Génifique, then applied the foundation on my skin to make sure it was the right color, and with no surprise it was exactly the same tone as my neck, even my arm and shoulder. It's crazy, you can see it in the pictures. Once approved, she put the tube in a beautiful Lancôme bottle, with your name written on it, your skin tone ID so if you want to order another, all you have to do is communicate that ID and the device can recreate the same shade.

The texture of this foundation is amazing as well, very breathable, long wearing, a must have when you live in Orlando. It has no paraben, oil or fragrance. I am definitely impressed by this technology, and there is no secret, it's all done in front of you eyes.

I do believe this new technology by Lancôme has to be tried at least once. I have myself purchased multiple foundation from different brands in the past that I had to trash because it wasn't the right shade and right now I mix 2 different color. So good bye to that because now I have my fresh made custom foundation! 

Read more about it here =>  Le Teint PARTICULIER & also where this technology is available at the moment where you can get the same experience I got.