Never say Never in Fashion

Bonjour my Beauties, today's topic is never say never in fashion. The reason why I picked this outfit to talk about it is because I did say never to cami and guess what I am loving right now, Camisole. I feel like your style evolves and get influenced by the current trend. I always use to pick long sleeve tops which I am still a big fan of but getting out of it by picking more skin showing items which you may have noticed in my older post. 

When I was in living in France, my dress code was very different, no low neck, colors were non existent in my wardrobe, I would never wear something this short, nothing to do with me not being confident with my body, actually it was more toned that it is right now but after moving in America, it changed, I opened myself to wear more colors, short skirts or shorts and this season Camisole which I am excited about because the heat is just crazy in Florida.  

I think never say never also works in your personal life, I believe as an individual it's necessary to let yourself change instead of saying this is who I am, so be open.

So ladies, sometimes it's good to try new things especially in Fashion, and who knows you may fall in love with it but always remember to be confident with your decision when you try new things.

Also a little note about this gorgeous lipstick I am wearing from M.A.C. The color is so pretty, it has a matte finish which I love, so easy to apply (I did it in the car, I wasn't driving of course) and usually I always have a hard time removing matte lipstick but this one came out so easily. I am loving this "Blue Nectar" collection, I am wearing Intoxica shade. It's coming in store June 9th so mark our calendar, you won't regret it, the colors are fabulous, I ll be posting some pics on my snapchat (Alpa Rama) 


Camisole: H&M (similar)

Shorts: American Eagle

Flats: ASOS

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Handbag: Balenciaga