Clarins Double Serum : 7 days

Bonjour my Beauties! So I accepted to do the 7-day challenge using the Clarins Double Serum because first of all, Clarins is a brand that's close to my heart. As you probably know by now, I watched my mum using it and I now I love to be able to try out their products and today it's all about their Double Serum.
As you watched throughout my Instagram stories, I posted updates after day 3 and now day 7 as you can see in the photos above.
The videos don't lie, this serum is seriously a positive surprise for me, I am amazed at how my skin is firmer and radiant after only 7 days of using it. I am 30 and  I am definitely starting to see some fine lines on my forehead and on the lip area and they diminished as I used the serum day and night as part of my routine.
As you all know, I swear by turmeric and guess what's the key ingredient in this product => Turmeric! It also has avocado, green banana, goji berry, teasel, oat, kiwi and so many other great ingredients for an amazing skincare product.​It smells really good and I love the fact that you can choose the quantity you need as it has 2 options for the portion according to your skin type. It's called Double Serum because it's one part water and one part oil, two essentials for healthy skin. The water and oil stay separated in the bottle and only get activated together once you pump the serum out.
I have heard a lot about this product and now that I tried it personally, I could not wait to share it with you as you always ask me what beauty product I use. Well this one is definitely a winner for me and I can't wait to see the changes as I keep using it. 

You can find the product right here: Clarins Double Serum