Bonjour my Beauties, hope you had a fantastic long weekend. Today I wanted to share with you about the "Make it my Tiffany" experience which allows you to add your personal touch to your Tiffany designs. You can find here all the items that are part of this campaign here => #MyTiffany

So I received the tag chain necklace along with the tag charm , super pretty and went to my local Tiffany store to get it customized (located at Mall of Millenia). As usual, unbelievable service, they have a little corner set up with a wall saying "Make it my Tiffany" so you can't miss it. The gentleman that did my engraving was so nice, he offered me all the options of fonts etc and tried it first to make sure everything is positioned the way I like and then only engraved my jewelry. I of course wrote Alpa & Everest (in case you don't know, it's my Frenchies name, it's a big love story between us haha;) 

I have made a little story for you to check out here =>@alpa.rama

This will be going on till the holidays at least so how sweet would a customize gift be, well I surely would be happy and the price is also not ridiculous, I think it varies between $25 to $45 depending on your engraving. 

Voila! Hope you liked this article, if you would like to read about specific things, feel free to comment below. Happy Tuesday!