Outfit On Repetition, Well Why Not!

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing fantastic. Today I wanted to talk about something I have been noticing on social media for some time now which is girls not wearing an outfit again once they feature it on social media. God knows the logic behind that, but I absolutely disagree with this "wear it once culture".

First of all, I find it such a waste of money, even if its the cheapest clothes, at the end of the month it accumulates, second it must be taking a lot of space in your wardrobe unless you get rid of it right after you wear it and third how much shopping you have to do to have a different outfit every single day, that takes a lot of time and effort.

I think it's seeing like its something uncool but for me it's the opposite, as I get older especially, I really want to invest in key pieces. Clothes I won't mind wearing again in 5 years, clothes that are versatile, clothes that are classic, clothes that are quality, these are my criteria and I am loving this minimalist closet aspect.

It also helps you find your own style instead of the fast fashion trend. For example, I will sometimes wear my black blazer back to back but styled differently and I think it's perfectly fine. It actually shows that you are capable to style an item in 7 different ways.

So the moral of this article would be, invest in classic statement clothes and accessorize and don't fall into the trap of always having the latest and greatest of each trend, into the trap of an obligation of showcasing a different outfit everyday. Social media puts a lot of pressure unfortunately but stay strong haha I have heard someone say: If you don't post it on social media, that means you haven't even worn it! Hum yes you did...just saying :)

If you double guess in the store, you will double guess it at home too, so just put it away and focus on the piece that you see and fall in love in.

A tip from me, before buying anything I ask myself these questions: How many different ways I can style this? Is this going to look ridiculous once the trend is over? It a good quality ?

Thank you reading ! (if you like the tee, you can order one at whynotcollection@gmail.com)