Wellness/Beauty FAQ

Bonjour ladies, hope you are doing fantastic. Here are you most asked question on instagram about wellness/beauty especially my leg work out routine, so let's go!

Work out routine: my legs have definitely raised a lot of question and to be honest, in my family we all have thin long legs but here is how I maintain it.
-60 power walk 3 time a week followed by 10 minutes on the floor where I do exercise for my abs (I trained with a coach for over a year who taught me the best exercise for me, I suggest you try out different ones and find the ones that fits you best) 
-Occasional swimming (30-40min)
-Hot Yoga 3 times a week (90 min hot yoga)

Meditation is also a big part of me as I believe feeling good internally is just as important. Once again you have to find your groove so I suggest you make some research and find the best practice for YOU

Height: 1m67

Tan: I do not use any tanning lotion, I just tan by being outdoors a lot, it pretty easy to maintain a tan when you live in Florida

Legs skin hack: As you must have noticed, my legs could be a little shiny and that's because I use either 100% pure coconut oil or almond oil to hydrate my legs and my body overall. I find it a bit more natural and very efficient to moisturize. Also I do not scrub or anything, just use a mesh loofa which I feel scrubs it automatically.

TMI: Might as well throw this in here, I do not wax or laser because remember I am all about pain free. I just shave, easy and efficient. 

Diet: Well I basically don't diet, I believe in conscious eating, well at least I am trying. I found my balance between one day eating fries and enjoying a delicious French red wine to the next day enjoying a freshly made green juice with an avocado toast. I don't feel guilty of eating anything, the only memory I will keep is how much I enjoyed it at the moment :)

Things I do though: 
-I wake up and first thing I do is have 500ml of warm water, no breakfast for me.
-I fast till noon usually unless my body is desperately asking for food, then I will listen to it and eat.
-"Typically" lunch will be the heavy meal of the day and dinner will be lighter. 
-I will mix: raw turmeric (bought from local Indian store) with coconut oil and black pepper and have a table spoon of it every week to boost my immune system.

When my body needs a cleanse, I love doing a juice cleanse 

I don't weight myself because I could careless about it, I need to feel good in my own skin from inside out and that's all that should matter.