Polène Paris: The "it" bag to have.


*THIS IS NOT SPONSORED BY THE BRAND.This is an honest review from pr gifting

Bonjour ladies, hope you are doing fantastic! Today we are talking about the Polène Paris handbags. I get a lot of question on Instagram about it so figured I would just write about it and have it part of my archives so you have access to it at all time

First of all, as you will see in the photos below, I absolutely love this brand, not only because it's French, but the design also are fabulous, very unique in its own way. The quality is insane (it's made in Spain)  I have worn mine across the world, literally, from France all the way to India, and let me tell you something, no Polène handbag will disappoint you. I believe it is the ideal affordable handbag to have for every day or occasional use, and it comes in the most beautiful packaging which I won't reveal to keep the experience a surprise.

NUMÉRO Huit MINI - Camel

One of their latest handbag and one of my current favorite. The Numéro Huit mini fits my iPhone X along with keys, card holder, mask, a small hand sanitizer and my sunglasses. The design is fabulous and so unique. It looks just as good worn crossbody.

NUMÉRO Sept - Cognac

The Numéro Sept is very elegant with its sleek look. It can worn crossbody for a practical every day usage. It fits my iPhone X, keys, card holder, hand sanitizer, mask and my sunnies. 

NUMÉRO Un Mini - Sable

The bag I wore the most!  I love the gold chain as a strap, it gives it a very chic luxurious touch, even if it is a chain, this bag is very comfortable to wear. It fits my iPhone X, card holder, keys, mask, hand sanitizer, and my sunnies. I love their whole collection but if I needed to recommend one from their collection it would surely be this one. 

NUMÈRO Un Nano - Noir

This one is a very practical every day bag, it's on the smaller size so you can fit a small card holder, iPhone X, mask, keys, chapstick. This bag would definitely make it to Paris when I can go next, it's lightweight, versatile, practical and the perfect design to elevate an outfit.

NUMÈRO Six - Noir façon crocodile

This design is perfection, even though I cannot really fit my iPhone inside, I use this bag a lot for going out to restaurant etc. It's chic and minimalist, I love the croco effect on the bag as well. It's a perfect little bag for an evening out. I put my credit card, ID, chapstick and keys.

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NUMÉRO Six Ceinture - Noir façon crocodile

I believe this is their smallest bag! I love wearing it as a statement especially over a blazer, it looks so chic. This obviously won't carry much, only the essentials but if you love belted bag and want to make an impression, this is for you.

NUMÉRO Un Mini - Sac à Dos Caramel

I haven't shot a look with it yet as I just received it but this is the backpack version you see in the very first photo. I use a backpack often in Orlando for parks etc and if my backpack is going to look this chic, then hey why not :) Fits an iPhone X, keys, card holder, mask, sanitizer, sunnies.

Voila. Hope this was helpful for you and if are in love with Polène Paris just as much as I am then Happy Shopping!