Your Most Asked Question

Bonjour ladies, I recently did a survey on my Instagram @alpa.rama to see if you had any questions for me and here are the most asked one with the answers:

-How tall are you?

I am 1m67 

-What's your job?

I am a full time content creator and blogger

-What camera do you use to take your pics?

-Canon EOS rebel T7i with a 50mm lens & my iPhone X and since we are talking about photos I use lightroom to edit my photos.

-Your background seems so fascinating. Can you tell us more about it?

 I was born and raised in the suburb of Paris but I have Indian (India) origins and I now live in Orlando, Florida.

-What brought you to USA and would you ever move back to Paris?

I moved here to live with my partner, and I probably won't move back to Paris, I'll go anytime for vacation though :)

-How old are you?

32 and Sagitarius, total Winter baby 

-What is your diet and exercise routine/What is your morning routine? 

I do not believe in diet, I believe in conscious eating. I try to listen to my body as much as can and it pretty  much tells me what food is good for me what is not. Now do I always listen to it? NO but I try....My work out routine is pretty simple, stay active throughout the day, power walk 6 times a week for 60-90 min, swimming and meditation for mental health :)

I also fast till Noon usually and don't have breakfast, I have a huge glass of warm water. 

-How to organically increase your followers?

I wrote an article about it: How to grow your audience organically

-What bags are your must have pieces?

It would really depend on the budget one wants to spend on bags as it's very personal but for me it has always been the "Classic small lambskin in gold" Chanel and I am also absolutely loving the Polène numero un mini, a classic too for every day use, I actually always take it when I go back to paris.

-Why do you like Chanel so much?

It was hard not too notice Chanel's beautiful stores while strolling in the streets of Paris when I was younger. As a young girl, it was mesmerizing. Chanel represented a pure elegance, and it was definitely the kind of style I was drawn to when younger. Not only I am huge fan of the fashion aspect but also a fan of Gabrielle Chanel, I watched numerous movies, documentaries about her and I look upon what she represented as a women.

-When did you realize you love fashion?

Since I was young! What I wore everyday was important for me, I always thought it was a unspoken representation of yourself. My mum used to dress me up till I was 10 I believe and let me tell you, she does not have the best fashion sense but after I started earning my pocket money, I would mostly spend it all on clothing and sneakers :)

-Do you prefer the Chanel classic and trendy CC?

I love both, they are actually my 2 favorites from Chanel but I will always love the classic one slightly more.

-Can you link your Chanel bags?

I have a whole IGTV live on my instagram: Chanel Review

-Wardrobe essential in accessories, clothing and shoes?

This will depend on the season but basic of the basic would be white button down shirt, a pair of denim, a pair of classic pants, white and black tee, perfectly fitted black blazer, a little black dress and a perfect black sweater. For shoes I would say a pair of pointed toe kitten heels, nice pair of flats and white sneakers. For accessorize, anything gold and good quality. Right now I am loving my statement Chanel earrings and gold chain, bracelet and anklets from Alix Yang.

-Your make  up routine?

I made a video as well about it on Instagram: Make routine

-What to look for when buying luxury bags?

I personally always look at the story of the bag, has it been coming back years after years or is it just a seasonal trend? I usually never go for anything trendy. I also look at the history of the brand, what they stand for and this will determine if it is worth paying a high price or not. Also I will always go for black and gold combination as I notice over the years, it's my favorite combination. Not too big, I like smaller bag that can carry my card holder, keys and iPhone. 

Voila! I answered to the most asked questions. If you have anything specific, feel free to DM me on Instagram at @alpa.ram