8 Juin 2021 - Current Skincare Routine

Bonjour ladies, so here is a long overdue article you requested: my skincare routine. 
So let me clear some facts first, I am currently 33, I have never done botox and not planning on doing it any time soon (nothing against it thought) My skin is sensitive in general and kind of dry. I like to have a minimalist routine and really don't mind investing in good product that works for me now that I have passed the 30's. 

So let's go, I will link it from top to bottom, left to right:

Bioderma eau micellaire that I use since over 15 years to remove my make up

Laura Mercier  eye make up remover, it's very gently and don't irritate my eyes

Versed reusable cotton pad that I use to remove my make up

Drunk Elephant Jelly cleanser, I have been using it since several months and I love this gentle face wash

Cera Ve day moisturizer, I live in Florida where it gets really hot so I need something light with SPF and this affordable cream has been doing a great job

RoC day time eye cream, I absolutely love this brand and this eye cream

Vinesime and when my skin need a little extra moisture, I add this serum under the day CeraVe cream

La Roche Posay since we are talking about skincare routine, this is what I use when I am by the pool to protect my skin from the sun

Drunk Elephant jumping to my night routine, I use this oil with my gua she and I am seriously in love with this oil, it has been a game changer in my routine

Gua Sha tool, instructions come with the gua sha which is the one I do but there is many tutorials online

Estee Lauder night repair serum which I absolutely love, it's been over 10 months or more I have been using it and so far I am loving the effect on my skin. I apply it every night (unless I use my retinol) on clean washed skin after doing my gua she routine

Estee Lauder night eye serum which I use every night since over 10 months

RoC retinol capsule, like just buy it and try it yourself. I have been using this product since last March and its absolute bomb. I use it on its own once or twice a week.

Drunk Elephant sukari baby facial which is the only facial I do at home haha, I try to do this once a week.

Ice Mold not shown in the photo above, but I use ice on my face when my pores need to tighten and de puff

Voila! This is my current routine and I am very happy with it at the moment, also don't forget to drink your water, it helps detox!