12 May 2021 - Clive Christian - The Crown Collection

Bonjour ladies, I hope you are doing fantastic. As you know I have been collaborating closely with the British perfume house Clive Christian for over a year now, you can find my last post here, and I so excited to present to you today their new Crown Collection.

I am literally a huge fan of many of their fragrances but the 2 perfume from their  Crown Collection, Matsukita, is divine. The Crow Collection brings to life archive and historic scents inspired by Clive Christian’s heritage, reimagined for the modern-day perfume wearer.

First of all, how beautiful is this striking red jewel bottle? It's a luxurious experience.... 

Let's talk about the first Crown Collection perfume. Reimagined from when it was first created in 1886, the new Crab Apple Blossom contains the signature spring flower apple blossom as a top note combined with exotic marine bergamot, a very rare ingredient in the world of perfumery. In addition, there are several other precious ingredients in this fragrance like Sandalwood, Musk and Amber, making this scent incredibly refreshing yet sensual. I love wearing the Crab Apple Blossom during day time because it adds the perfect amount of sensuality to my casual chic outfit. 

After the successful launch of the Crab Apple Blossom, Christian Clive strikes again with Matsukita. It was first born in 1892 out of inspiration from a fabled Japanese princess who awed the Victorian court with her elegance. Today the scent has been reimagined for the modern world with a sophisticated and elegant perfume, creating a dichotomy of light and dark, perfect to immerse you in a distinct perfume dream of excellence and quality at its very best. 

As for the ingredients, sparkling Bergamot meets fiery Pink Pepper for a refreshing top, whilst delicate notes of Jasmine and Mate tea form a smokey and floral heart. Whispering musks, amber and fir balsam settle into a woody and rich base. A composition of beautifully complimentary notes making this a scent that is sure to lift your spirits this spring! I wear the Matsukita during a dinner or girls night out, I feel like it empowers me with it's unique scent and it's the perfect addition to elegant attire. 

A side note, every-time I wear Clive Christian, I always get someone that asks me about my fragrance, it's nothing like you have smelled before!