4 Essentials for Summer with Lila Fashion

Bonjour my Beauties, today's article is about my beloved Lila Fashion International, if you have been reading my blog for some time you must recall this article =>A Parisian in America. The first thing you'll notice is after almost a year, I am still in love with these sandals and handbag. This is the perfect example when I encourage you to buy classic statement piece instead of falling into trendy things, it has to be worth the investment you know! 

So as you probably figured it out, in my 4 essentials, these sandals and handbag are a must, I mean just look at it. It's beautifully made, very versatile (the handbag has a detachable strap as well so can be worn as cross body too). 

The 3rd essential is this perfect scarf that I am so in love with, I love scarf for Summer, must be French thing, wether is used for your hair, as a statement tied to your bag/waist/ankle/wrist or simply as a scarf. It's lightweight, so appropriate for the heat of Summer. I decide to wear mine as head bandeau to feature a effortless Mediterranean look, a look I personally adore. The color is so pretty and vibrant, it would look amazing on any skin/hair tone. 

To finish the 4th essential is this amazing => Hair Mask. Like I am speechless at how smooth my hair were after I applied it, and let's not even talk about the smell, it's simply divine. Like I haven't smelled my hair this much after washing them. It's an essential for sure as the sun damage the hair a lot and also salty water as I am sure you'll be heading to the beach. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed promise :)