Kitten Heels Anyone ?

Bonjour my Beauties, finally able to blog this look I captured 2 weeks ago. I've been sick in bed since the past week, you won't understand the frustration I felt, not only it drained my energy but being inactive is not in dictionary but on a positive note I am feeling way better today and excited to catch up with life!

Remember those doubtful kitten heels I showed you via Instagram? Well I am no longer a kitten heel virgin! I wore them with one of my favorite outfit, straight pants with a blouse, kept it somehow minimalist as these heels are the statement and I gotta admit, I love them. The velvet bow falls perfectly, the color is super versatile. The only part I still don't like is the way it looks from the side but Oh well, it looks so good from the front so it's worth it. 

Also, I recently bought these pants from Zara and they are bomb, they high waisted to can't wait to wear the wth a crop top. Have a look at it because every girl needs one dressy pants in her wardrobe!



Kitten heels: Zara