5 Affordable Chic Jackets for Summer Layering

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing! For today's article, I am featuring my top 7 Chic Summer jackets you can rock in order to give a little more personality to your outfit.

I know that during hot Summer days, you don't want to layer, especially when you live in Florida as it gets pretty hot but here is how you can confidently layer without suffocating in your outfit. I am usually a person that feels cold easily, so I actually like to keep a jacket handy due to the AC blast anywhere indoor in US so I wore my outfit with a shirt, décolleté style to keep it airy and layered it with a tweed jacket to give that chic touch. I wish I took a picture without the jacket to show the huge difference it makes, and how your outfit gets upgraded by simply adding a jacket.

If you are a person that feels hot very fast, then I suggest to wear a camisole underneath so it's feels lighter. Here is a example of camisole + jacket combo (ignore the scarf of course) => A Parisian in America

So here is my selection of 5 affordable jackets to rock during Summer. Simply click on the photo to shop it.

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